Beverage Sector

Wine represents one of the most famous Italian food excellences in the world. Each bottle of wine requires months of work and therefore deserves a special label. Adhesive labels for products in the beverage sector are the basic element both to communicate with the consumer and as marketing tool for sales.








On paper for hand use, offset printing up to 8 colours, silkscreen printing, braille, dry embossing, hot foil, digital and glossy, matt and soft touch plasticizing with graphic protection.

On natural papers, barriered and not, offset printing up to 8 colours, silkscreen, braille, embossing. dry, hot foil and digital. The technology at our disposal enriches the elegance of the natural papers.

On special papers with our technology we are able to test the new fronts offered by leading paper mills and offer them as a novelty to all our customers.

Services dedicated to the beverage

TAG NFC sector, an infinity of contents

The classic label is the business card of your product but it has a physical limit: the printing space. Thanks to the use of NFC TAGs the consumer can consult an infinity of contents and get in direct contact with the company.


Why to choose an NFC TAG?


Anti-counterfeiting is a basic requirement for Italian products and in the specific wine market the value of the grey market is estimated to be around 7% of total sales, that means 2.7 billion euros.


Thanks to the unique and encrypted encoding you can convey specific information to consumers who can decode the code and access storytelling, loyalty program and much more with their smartphone.
Imagine being able to tell your potential customer the path that has
brought your bottle on the shelf, such as process, peculiarities, R&D
that is “behind” every single product.


The information that is displayed by the consumer can be modified by you in an intuitive way and in total autonomy. The consumer could consult on the same bottle information that over time change, the bottle becomes the link between the consumer and the company by establishing a dialogue that can be bidirectional.

RFID TAGS, logistics and warehouse control

RFID technology applied to logistics allows a complete approach to the warehouse and shipping, automatically tracking the movements through the installation of a reader.
RFID is applied in the production phases in order to shorten production and shipping times, thus reducing errors in the timescale of control of deliveries and payment in stock.


Why to user a RFID TAG?


Traceability: possibility of identifying an entity
Inventory: in order to contain the cost of carrying out inventories
Product identification: traceability of uniquely identifiable objects.
Access control: presences detection connected to the personnel management software.


The RFID TAG is an adhesive of small size and minimal thickness that can be applied anywhere.

It allows: management of the activities of entry/exit of the warehouse with proven speeding up of the process; definition and tracking of quality control flow, management of returns from the sales network; massive management of goods, increase in quality process, certification of shipments and reduction of efforts in good incoming  into the warehouse.


For reading the RFID TAG it’s necessary a dedicated reader that can be portable or fixed (gate).
The reading distance varies depending on the reader used and can reach several meters.
The RFID TAG is a sticker on which is printed a microchip and has no battery, so it is passive.

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