NFC Technology

NFC TAG features

Univocal Code

The NFC TAG is a unique code that allows the serialisation of a single product.
The unique code cannot be modified, guaranteeing the authenticity and anti-counterfeiting of your product. In the case of recall campaigns, thanks to the presence of the unique code, the company can trace the product and the production batch

and Size

The NFC TAG is an insignificantly thick sticker that can therefore also be applied behind the product label.
Our company takes care of the coupling and writing (encoding) of the TAG in such a way that each TAG refers to the dedicated experience.

Use and

The NFC TAG is a sticker on which is printed a microchip and has no battery, so it is passive. If you put a smartphone to the TAG NFC (Near Field Communication) the magnetic field of the same, activates the TAG and automatically opens an experience on your device that can contain several contents dedicated to the individual product. Android smartphones have the reader installed by default, while IPhone are compatible from version 7 onwards.

Why to choose to use a NFC TAG?


When the TAG is activated by the smartphone, it is geolocalized in compliance with the latest Privacy regulations; geolocation is not associated with the consumer but is useful to the company to know where its product is at that moment. If the consumer allows it, it is possible to collect much more information.


Anti-counterfeiting is a basic requirement for Italian products and in the specific wine market the value of the grey market is estimated to be around 7% of total sales, that means 2.7 billion euros.

Customer Experience

Thanks to the unique and encrypted coding, it is possible to convey specific information to consumers who, using their smartphones, can decode the code and thus access storytelling functions, loyalty programs and much more. Imagine being able to tell your potential customer the path that has brought your product on the shelf, such as process, peculiarities, R&D that is “behind” every single product.  Customer engagement functions are accessible through smartphones equipped with NFC technology.

Information that can be modified in real time

The information that is displayed by the consumer can be modified by you intuitively and in complete autonomy. In real time, with the same TAG, information can change and these changes can be conveyed only to specific products.